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for enthusiastic creativity and needlework, not only

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>>Developed for children >>Flashcards with your own hands

Flashcards with your own hands

On the cards depict animals and things, but there are additions on the back side are glued puzzles.

- On one animal or one thing:

- Two animals: big and small:

More than 50 pictures to look through and download Next (password 2013).

Загадки с картинками Next.

Versions of the game with the cards:

- just to show pictures, to name the depicted animal or thing and distinguishing features,

- to ask of the cards to choose, for example, allowed,

- shown from 3-4 cards to remove the one, who is lacking,

- pick an animal, stuff toy related, for example, in the picture the dog - dog toy,

- what animal can eat, what animal,

- your version of the game.

Card with color

All the pictures with color download Next.

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