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Sensory bottle to know how and what to do

Very interesting to watch "the sea in a bottle", or loose balls, and "night sky" is also in the bottle.

Necessary tools and materials:

1) Glass bottles from under juice 200 ml or more (honestly tried to find beautiful bottles in sets, but they are not in our stores), bottles can be plastic (it is at your discretion). The hardest part is to clean the bottle from the label (helped me "paint Remover for paints").

2) For filling the bottle is used several options:

- dry filler,

- liquid filler.


Various options for filling bottles

As dry filling, you can use toothpicks and cereals, for example semolina (you can substitute sand, fine salt, as well as tint).

It is interesting to observe presuposes sand.

"Sea in the bottle".

And so you will need:

- cold water, 1\2 bottle (can be varied on request),

- food coloring (just a little bit, any color),

- vegetable oil, 1\2 bottle (also can be varied, but to add oil to the cover itself),

- bulk materials (sequins, beads, natural and artificial shells, stars, etc optional).

First, pour in a bottle of water, then add dye (slightly), stir, adding the sequins, shells. On top of all pour vegetable oil (under the cover). Close the lid tightly.

Enjoy "the sea in a bottle".

Hydrogel beads need to be soaked, swollen, place it into the bottle (mix colors or separately). Add water, a little bit without adding on the cover. You can add detergent. Close the lid.

Shaken, the balls move in the bubbles.

For the manufacture of such bottles you will also need:

Beads or cut up pieces of straws, water and glycerin.

Fill with beads, pour water and glycerin (ratio to vary, it does not give quick to settle the beads).

As an additional idea for crawling baby:

All of the above be placed in small bottles and large plastic. The child will roll them across the floor, and more to crawl after them.

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