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How and from what to make a light table for sand therapy, sand painting with their hands

Playing with sand are very good on the fingertips of the child, thereby developing brain. For these games use light tables, but to put such a table in the apartment, not everyone can, because of its size. Offer a variant of table, mini apartments.

Necessary tools and materials:

1) Two boxes of plastic, one transparent, the other may be in color, must be inserted into one another, the recommended volume of the box smaller 9 liters, larger 18 l.

The bottom drawer after the games can be used for storage of materials needed: lamp, bulk materials, grains, sand (in individual containers), small toys used in the games box.

2) Daylight lamp, preferably two, along the length of the box, connect the special cord (included with lamp).

3) A sheet of white paper to fit the bottom of the box, you can use baking paper.

The content of this sand box can be completely diverse and the game too.

How to play:

First and most importantly it is better to play on the floor, be sure rascality on the floor large sheets (then easier to collect the scattered cereal, put and emptied). Never leave baby cereal unattended!!!

Game variations - in the light box:

To use respectively the sand itself, different in color and size, you can replace cereals, beans, semolina, etc.

- option, just to draw,

- hide small toys, rocks, etc, find and dig up,

- roll the balls or different toys to leave fingerprints,

- his version of the application table.

See also games using shaving foam, which can be used in this light box, game здесь.

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